Week 4 with Master Key Experience

The habits are starting to set in with my daily reading and understanding how important this program is as long as you stick with it. This has been more work than I thought but in the end I know it will be worth it. If only I had this information 30 years ago who knows where my life would be and how many more people I could have helped. Now the game is on and looking forward in helping so many people as well as my self. There is a reason that I have come across this information now and I am going to take advantage and learn what I can. Anyone that reads this blog please share it with the world and lets see how many people we can help.

Thanks for your time and thoughts my friends….


Week 2 with Master Key Experience

The second week as been a bit more challenging for me and I think it is because of the changes I am feeling (in a good way.) Some of it is the home work and changing my blueprint of all my 62 years of programs that’s been in my mind. I do know in the end it will be worth more money to me than I can imagine. So I am looking forward to the weeks to come with an open mind and fill it with great feeling and thoughts knowing how it’s going to make me a better person and be of more value to the world.

I can’t thank Mark J. and his team enough


Week 1- I Love the Master Key Experience

This is my blog for week one of the Master Key Experience and I have to say it’s been amazing so far. I have been reading self help books for a long time put this MKE training

in one week has done more for me than all the book I have ever read. This is all done in a step by step system and they give you a lot of tools along the way that makes it fun to learn. I have read and listen to Og Mandino book The Greatest Salesman in the World and I would highly recommend it to anyone. You don’t have to be or want to be a salesperson at all. The wisdom in his book and in the class is priceless.

One Of The Most Inspiring, Uplifting, And Motivating Books I have Ever Read.

Norman Vincent Peale

Here is my thoughts. This information is like putting a key in a lock and as you read about the principles and apply them to your life the key will keep turning until the lock is open and you will discover a whole new life that’s been in you all the time .

Life has so much to offer us and when you can learn more from others that helps you in your life, its like hitting the nail on the head. Please take the time to read Og Mandino and Charles Haanel work and a must have is this course The Master Key Experience.

I had to apply for a scholarship and got in but it’s like going back to school that you want to attend and can’t wait to learn more. In my mind this information is priceless and it’s making me a better person and that makes me more valuable to the world by helping others.

Thank you and your TEAM for all that you are doing!!!

Jerry Meeks